'Pick Your Own' Farms

For a list of local Georgia Pick Your Own Farms, visit Georgia Grown website.


Purchasing and Storage Tips

  • Look for firm, plump, dry berries with smooth skins and a silvery/hazy sheen
  • Stay away from soft or shriveled fruit, or any signs of mold. If the container has juice stains, this indicates that the fruit may be bruised
  • Fresh blueberries should be refrigerated as soon as you bring them home, either in their original pack or in a storage container
  • Don’t wash berries right away – wait until you’re ready to eat them
  • Consume blueberries within ten days of purchase
  • When blueberries are in season, why not stock up? You can freeze them and enjoy year round!
  • If a recipe calls for frozen blueberries, make sure to measure them while they are still frozen

Tips courtesy of the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council