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Our First Big Harvest: Georgia Blueberries!

Written by Denise Sawyer on Tuesday, June 26, 2012.

What did we do with them?  Did we make muffins, pie, cobbler, pancakes, waffles, relish for chicken, or top a salad?  No.  We ate them all and savored each one.  They were so sweet!

We also found out my nine-month-old has an insatiable hunger for blueberries.  She grunts and growls the whole time she is eating them. And, when they are gone she grunts and hollers for more!  She loves them, and I love that my kids love them.  They are a sweet treat but without all the sugar (and cavities).  Plus they are loaded with nutrition!

There is a lot to be said about growing some of your own food.  Judah has learned a lot from our little blueberry bush, such as food grows on trees and from the ground.  He has enjoyed being able to check on, water, and now pick blueberries from our little bush.

Of course, our little blueberry bush can’t supply us all the blueberries we will eat.  We will have to buy more - especially for our now ravenous nine-month-old baby girl!  But, it has been fun enjoying some of our own home-grown food, too.

Want to see my silly girl growling for blueberries?  Check it out on my personal site, Wholesome Mommy here .

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Denise Sawyer

Denise Sawyer, official food blogger for the Commission, has kicked off the blueberry season with a blog post on the Commission’s website about visiting local blueberry farms with her family.  To see her latest blog post, click here.  To check out her website, visit

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  • Sandy
    30 June 2012 at 06:05 |

    What a tasty nutritional snack for little ones. I'll be they both would love blueberry yogurt popsicles.

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